5 Real Tips To Speed Up 4th Qtr Hiring!

With only 28 working days left in the year and two big holidays still ahead, it's time to face reality.  You are cutting it very close if you need to make key hires before the end of the year.  Let's do some quick math. This blog post is focused on historically hard to hire salaried positions.

How long is it taking to complete each step in the hiring process? Include lag time.

Application & Resume Review: 1 week

Phone Screens Candidates: 1 week

Resume Gets Submitted  Manger:  1 week

Skill Assessment: 1 week

Phone Interview with Hiring Manager: 1 week

Onsite Interview: 1 week

Offer Process:  1 day to 1 week

Make Offer: 1-3 days

Background Check/Drug Test:  3 days - 1 week

Candidate Gives Two Week Notice: 2 weeks

Relocation: 1 week

Start Date:  ?

Keep in mind that a 3:1 onsite interview to offer ratio is common with hard to hire roles, so adjust your timetable based on your ratios.



5 Tips to Speed Up the Hiring Process!

With only 28 working days left in the year,  work with your recruiter and focus on any quality candidates that are already in the pipeline.  Agree to a new fast-track process going forward.  Valuable time is wasted going back and forth via email and scheduling delays between hiring teams and recruiting.

5 Real Tips for Hiring Managers to Speed Up the Hiring Process!

  • Stop getting resumes as they come in, unless you can give immediate feedback.  Instead, have your recruiter send batches. Meet with your recruiter daily or weekly to go over batches together and be ready to give a yes or no and why, so your recruiter can recalibrate.
  • Give your recruiter several pre-determined blocks of time on your calendar for phone interviewing.  If your recruiter doesn't have anyone for an interview slot the day before, they can cancel it on your calendar.  Add 15-30 minutes after every interview to talk to your recruiter.  You should be able to give a "Go" or "No-Go" and schedule the onsite while you are talking to your recruiter.
  • Make every Friday onsite interview day!  This works for several reasons.  First, it lets your recruiter know that you are serious about hiring.  Also, this lets your hiring team know in advance to be prepared to do onsite interviews on Fridays.  Prospective candidates find Friday a lot easier to take off from work and they get to spend the weekend checking out your city, real-estate options, and school options. FYI - this is your chance to sell your city and company.  Include real estate tours for relocating candidates in the itinerary.  Realtors are willing to pick your candidates up and drop them off at the airport.
  • Get your offer numbers pre-approved.  Don't waste time flying in candidates that you can't afford.  Talk to your peers and find out how much wiggle room you really have and what other levers you can pull to add value to your offers:  sign-on bonuses,  relocation package upgrades, lump sum relo money,  bumping up the job title, etc.
  • Eliminate any unnecessary steps in the interview process.  Use video interviewing instead of flying in candidates.  Trim down your interview team.  The number of interviewers will not equal better quality candidates!

All of these tips have worked for me and I hope they work for you.