It's Time To Upgrade Your Event Recruiting Strategy!

What Happens When Recruiters Get Their Hands on Powerful Marketing Tools?  

Recruitment  Event Campaign Powered by RecruiterDNA

Start With The End Goal In Mind

Define Success. Why are you attending this event?  Who is your target persona? What are you trying to accomplish with this event?  

How Do We Measure Effectiveness 

We take the information in Step 1 and create custom goals along with a lead scoring point system to calculate the effectiveness of your growth processes and improve them over time.

Design & Create Landing Pages To Capture Pre Event Leads

We build landing pages, emails, and social posts that will encourage your target candidates to sign up to talk to your team. Why wait for the event to talk to candidates?

Nurture & Engage Leads with Relevant Emails and  Content

 Only a small percent of your leads are ready to apply or talk to a recruiter right now.  We continue to engage and nurture your leads with relevant content.  We can track their behavior and activity!

Monitor Activity,  Score Leads,  & Convert Leads Into Applicants!

You will be amazed at what our new Marketing Software can track and how we can trigger events based on your leads behavior.  Don't you hate when you realize a fantastic candidate has switched jobs and you had no idea they were looking!

We Automatically Send Qualified Leads to the Appropriate Sourcer or Recruiter.

When a prospect  becomes a qualified lead based on the  criteria created in Step 2,  we will send it over to your recruiter and send the candidate a text or email inviting them to chat with you.   Simply Amazing!

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