"Finally,  we don't have to commit to expensive tools & software or use headcount for special projects..."

Recruitment Marketing & Sourcing  As a Service:

We Are Giving You The Power and Benefits of  Our New  Powerful Marketing  Automation System!

Overview Of A Basic Recruitment  Event Campaign

Targeted Multi Channel Awareness Campaign

Using the latest marketing technology and old fashioned Sourcing & Research tactics, we drive targeted traffic to step two.

Convert Targeted Traffic

We build landing pages, marketing email, and social media posts that convert!  We convert targeted traffic into leads!

Nurture & Engage Leads with Relevant Emails and  Content

Most "Talent Networks" and other marketing efforts drop the ball on this step.  Only a small percent of your leads are ready to apply or talk to a recruiter right now.  We continue to engage and nurture your leads with relevant content.  We can track their behavior and activity in Step 4!

Monitor Activity,  Score Leads,  & Convert Leads Into Applicants!

You will be amazed at what our new Marketing Software can track and how we can trigger events based on your leads behavior.  Don't you hate when you realize a fantastic candidate has switched jobs and you had no idea they were looking!

We Automatically Send Qualified Leads to the Appropriate Sourcer or Recruiter.

When a prospect  meets your criteria as a qualified lead,  we will send it over to your recruiter and send the candidate a text or email inviting them to chat with you.   Simply Amazing!