2015 More Ham and Less Spam Please

This is the year I start blogging again. But I want to try something a little different.  I want you (mostly recruiters & sourcing peeps) to influence this blog.  Vote by commenting and I will do my best to cover your topic (don't get crazy).

Here is your Q1 blogging Category menu:

  1. EDT (Everyday Tools).  These post will show you tools that  I can't do without and will usually be done by video with links to the tools.
    1. Here is a link to RecruiterLarrys Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/RecruiterLarry/
  2. Future Think (Recruiting Industry).  A topic that is near and dear to me.  After 15+ years in the recruiting industry,  I truly believe there is a better way to do what we do.  (Why do we post jobs? Is our interview process really working?  Are resumes still needed?)
  3. Marketeer-  A translation of classic and new online marketing strategies, tactics, and tools (Social, Email, SEO, etc.) that recruiting teams should be utilizing.
  1. HR After Party-  Things recruiters talk about after the big conferences (usually at a bar). Part therapy with a dash of reality (How many reqs do you usually have? How is your team measured and why? Why can't recruiters do better at bringing in better recruiters?)

Ok, now it's your turn.  Comment and let me know what you want me to blog about - Not you Mom.