How to get more job applicants by tweaking your job listings

In this episode of everything recruiting, I'm going to teach you how to get your job listings ranked higher in Google and three steps. Let's get started.

What people search in Google is a direct insight into what they want and what they're thinking. So thank candidates. Also, think competition number two, Google has made some changes in the way job postings interact with Google search. You're probably used to seeing what's called here, the snack pack in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world, and this is Google's attempt to try to give you relevant data that, uh, that you need right at your fingertips. So it knows where I'm at. It already knows my location and it's going to give me these restaurants. And this is mostly driven by user reviews. And so that is one thing. So now you've got your natural results here are called organic results. Well, recently google change and came out with something like that for a job. So if I was looking for nursing jobs in Vegas and I didn't really have to type in Vegas, it knows where I'm at.

It is a good to understand the search results page. So the top four are ads, meaning anyone can be here, which I always suggest once you've got your keywords, go ahead and spend a little money and get a ranked here until you get your search engine in your postings right? Second is this here, which is the equivalent of that snack pack for jobs. So now Google says, hey, we're going to start giving people what they want. Um, we're going to start giving them whether it's full-time salary ranges and we're going to know that these jobs are in your area. So they're doing the same thing that the snack bag did for shopping for jobs and this had a huge impact and still does have a huge impact because if you are not posting your jobs correctly, it will not get here. In other words, if you're not putting salary, if you don't have the right address if you don't have a structured name, a structured job title, Google is not going to like it and you're going to be missing out on a lot of traffic. So I'm going to put a link here in the posting because they've got a tool here that will actually. I'm going to use this link here. I just posted this job.

I'm going to use my sites as a dummy test, so it's gonna, it's gonna. Check this link using the structured data tests that Google likes and it's going to check for errors. Now I know it's going to find some errors because I left some things out. I've got four warnings. This is just the code of your page or your ATS (applicant tracking system) page, but here I've got four warnings and it tells me here it looks at my job description and it tells me I don't have the correct zip code, I don't have a street address and I don't have the salary information. So this is a really cool way to check your own job listings, right? This is just a no-brainer. I mean you can fix those by going into your ATS and changing the parameters in your job. Okay? So that's, that's the second thing.

Now, the third thing I want to cover is, is since a lot of us, our sourcers and we're always looking at keywords, we don't really think about the keywords that we use in job descriptions. So let's go back to that nursing job in Vegas. You know, should we put RN, do we put nursing? How do I get my company up here, up front? Because as you know, I don't know if you know, but indeed owns this space and this is what's made them. This is their number one secret sauce is indeed figured out several years ago how to rank higher. So I want to show you a couple of SEO tools that you can use. One of them is sem rush. This is a free account, but you can do some, some keyword analysis. So I'm going to go back here and give it the. Sorry guys.

So I'm going to go back here and give SEMrush the same parameters that we did. And while that's cute up, I'm going to also show you another competitor. My put in nursing jobs in Vegas and it tells me how many individuals or I guess how many times people are searching for that a month, so 720 times and it breaks it down right here, so nursing jobs and Las Vegas has been searched for in Las Vegas area or the United States. Seven hundred and 20 times compared to nursing jobs, Las Vegas, new Grad or nursing jobs, Las Vegas, Nevada. So that gives you some really good insight here as to what words are ranking to get you a job up here in the. In the top part. Okay. Second of all, you can actually. I would go to my competitor, right? So if I wanted to be number one, eventually I would go to whoever is there now.

And SEMrush has a chrome app called the SEO quake and I can actually. So this is the page, the landing page that was ranked number one and I want to know a little bit about that so I can start copying what they're doing. So here's the page. I click on this little bad boy and it gives me the amount of traffic they're getting, 403 million visits on this one page. And if I go to page info, look at this. It gives me all those keywords that are getting them ranked and it breaks it down into all of these words. So if you're a sourcer, um, you could appreciate this, but also if you are in charge of getting more traffic to your, your job postings, you can do a lot on your own by thinking like a search engine optimization consultant or thinking like a small business and thinking, I want to get my jobs, listen up here. So I hope that makes sense. I love this stuff and make some comments and I'll see you in the next episode. Thanks so much.

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