It’s Wednesday! Need a Little Inspiration?

Do you ever feel like a cog in the corporate machine?

Recruiters and Sourcers from all over the world wake-up everyday, plugin, and jump into their normal routine - some are happy, others days not so much.   From time to time, it is important to reconnect to the big picture and recommit to yourself and your life's work.


"We all have the opportunity to be Artists in what we do - the only thing holding us back in us!" Seth Godin.


One of the things that attracted me to sourcing was the ability to flex creative muscles that I felt were getting weak in a compliance heavy recruiting environment.  I was actually asked by my manager why I wanted to take a "step back" in my career and be a Sourcer.  I will probably write a separate post on this topic, but my point is that so many of us just show up to work and follow directions, day after day, never asking the tough questions.  Is there a better way? What impact is my work having?



Great Read

If you have worked with me you know that I am a HUGE fan of investing in  "Self-improvement".  That may sound hokey but for those of you who sometimes feel disconnected, disengaged, or just in a slump - I would like to give you a glimpse inside my library of goodness.  I hope you enjoy.

Usually,  I buy the audio book and listen while I'm stuck in traffic or just need a pick me up.  Instead of overwhelming you with tons of books and videos, I will update this post as I find gems of motivation and inspiration.

The ICARUS Deception by Seth Godin 


I'm a huge fan of  Seth Godin (I have the audio book from Audible) and own most of his material.  Please comment on this post so we can discuss any insights you gain while reading this book.

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