Micro Talent Networks | How Recruiters Can Build & Nurture Talent Networks

Micro Talent Networks | How Recruiters Can Build & Nurture Talent Networks

At one time or another, a recruiting team will take on the project of building, buying, or reviewing a talent community or talent network solution. The problem talent acquisition teams are trying to solve, at an enterprise level, is the lack of a pipeline of qualified candidates.  Think (or just run a report in your CRM/ATS) of all the potential candidates your company engages and then never follows up with.  It's mind-boggling!


Here a some of the issues with trying to scale follow-up.

  • Recruiters/Sourcers are usually in reactive mode, only working on reqs that are urgent.
  • Recruiting/Sourcing teams are often not structured for long-term relationships with specific skill sets.
  • Teams are not measured and/or rewarded for keeping up with candidates once they are no longer in play for a specific position.
  • Recruiters/Sourcers are not trained and/or equipped to follow-up and nurture hundreds or thousands of people.

As a professional Sourcer and/or Recruiter, don't wait for your company to fix this problem.  They don't know how!

Start building and nurturing your own talent network!  I created a simple course for just this reason.  Here is a sample (as you can tell I am not a professional video producer).


Module One Overview

This is it. It's time to zero­in on a job title or job family so you can provide outstanding,
appealing content that engages them and keeps them with you. You know who you want, and
you have the positions to fill.
Your Goal

Focus, focus, focus. Choose ONE audience for your Twitter account and figure out how you
can provide value for them. Ask yourself: In one year, what do I want to be known for? Then
tailor your content to capture the answer.

Things to Know

On Twitter, as with life, you can't be everything to everyone. Once you've chosen your
audience, your success depends on curating helpful content for them. Here's a hard truth: Your
content won't be valued by everyone; what matters is that your content is valued by the people
whose lives you can affect.

Give yourself some time. Your Twitter account won't grow overnight; traction will take a few months. Your on­point tweets are building your reputation and earning trust among your
audience but give yourself six to 12 months to get rolling.

Here is the link to the entire 48-minute course which includes a workbook and access to a private FB Group for ongoing support.

FollowMe-Using Twitter to Build your own talent Pipeline