My Guest Appearence: Ep 39: Recruiting Where The Rubber Meets The Road – The Podcast

I'm so glad Matt Alder invited me to be on his Podcast "Recruiting Future". Please follow the link below to take a listen.

For the podcast this year I’m committed to searching far and wide for the most interesting stories and ideas in recruiting and HR.  Change is now a constant in our world and the people who are prepared to strike out from the norm and experiment are the ones driving innovation. My guest this week is a brilliant example of what is possible when you think about things differently.

Larry Hernandez is currently a Talent Scout for Thought Works having formerly worked for bothRackspace and Zappos. By working while driving round America in an “RV” he is bringing a whole new meaning to mobile recruiting.

In the interview we discuss:

•    Why Larry choose his unique approach to work life balance

•    What it is like to source and recruit on the road

•    How his alternative lifestyle is helping build connections with candidates

•    His experiences of working in the unique culture at Zappos where his team were the beta test for the much talked about move to holocracy.

Larry also talks about recruiting innovation and his predictions for where things are going (including him and his RV!) in 2016

Source: Ep 39: Recruiting Where The Rubber Meets The Road – The Podcast