How NOT to Hire The Wrong Recruiter


Why is it so hard to hire great internal Recruiters and Sourcers? (this post is a work in progress).

Here is my list of reasons why TA is so bad at acquiring talent for their own teams.  Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Talent Acquisition teams don't follow the recruiting and hiring process when it comes to our own teams.
  • The "Magical Headcount Gods" will surely take away our open seats if we don't hire someone ASAP.  We can't afford to wait another 100 years.
  • We hire with our hearts and not our heads.  Does this sound familiar? "The team fell in love with her, can we please just make her the offer before we lose out, please...please.....".
  • The person who makes the hiring decision does not know what skill sets the team really needs.
  • We sometimes get blinded by "Culture Fit" and hire clones of the existing team. This often leads to a toxic work environment.  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.
  • On the other side of culture coin, hiring the wrong culture fit can be a nightmare.
  • Hunters vs. Gatherers.  Hunters like updating the ATS and following your process just about as much as "Gatherers" like jumping right into situations without being fully prepared.  Don' assume you need one or the other before getting an updated and true assessment the work being done.
  • Fancy .com syndrome.  Getting starstruck is easy to do.  Just make sure to stay objective and follow the process.


Tips & Tricks:  How to Hire Better Internal Recruiters & Talent Sourcers for your team.


Myopic Req Syndrome: Can't see the forest for the trees. Sometimes we are just too darn close to the situation for own good.  Don't believe me, does it really matter what flavor of ATS a recruiter has used? What about those nifty certifications? Nope. So how did they make their way to the job description and screen questions?

Simple Solution: Ask a trusted HR partner, Hiring Manager, or the newest person on the team,  to help with conducting a job analysis.  This may sound a little crazy, but a little objectivity goes a long way.  This role reversal exercise,  if done right, has the added benefit of building bridges with your customers and partners.

Warning: If you feel that the above exercise will open you and your team up to potential internal political backlash, it may be time to have a conversion with leadership and start looking to find a new healthy family.

Resources: The kind folks at Google ReWork has shared tons of valuable information and tools on this subject: