Part 1: Posting A Job is the Last Thing You Want to Do!


Let me get right to the point. Things have changed. Posting a job is the last thing you want to do! [tweetthis display_mode="button_link"]Posting a job is the last thing you want to do! [/tweetthis] Driving traffic to your job ad (with,, used to be a solid formula for success when you needed qualified candidates.

This is no longer the case! If you need entry-level candidates or warm bodies, then ignore this entire post and go back to work.

If you are looking for hard to find candidates, then stop posting jobs. Based on my experience, here is what I've seen.

Less than 2% of the people who apply to jobs get hired. It's hard not to hurt your brand when you are giving 98% of applicants a bad experience!
In some segments like Software Developers, fewer than 1% of applicants make it to an on-site interview. Think of all the hours wasted coordinating, traveling, and spending your hiring teams time.
If you ask recruiters why they have time to source they usually point to the fact that they have to do some much work with the 99% of applicants (screen resumes, answer emails, handle complaints, build reports for hiring teams, dispositioning candidates).

If you ask candidates and applicants what they hate the most about the hiring process, they will mention the lengthy applications process, lack of response from a human, a general waste of time.
It's hard to have a company brand that touts a focus on customer service but at the same time have a recruiting process that is the exact opposite of "customer focus".

So if this is the case why do recruiting teams still post jobs? The recruiting industry is lacking innovators. We don't know what else to do?

The HR/Recruiting industry is lacking innovation![tweetthis display_mode="button_link"]The HR/Recruiting industry is lacking innovation![/tweetthis]

Imitate. Assimilate. Innovate

The Recruiting industry is lacking innovation

Most recruiting leaders and teams are somewhere between Imitate and Assimilate. I'm not talking about software and service providers. I'm talking about us!

If you don't understand the why it's hard to innovate. Why do you post jobs?

Ask Why

Q: Why do we post jobs?

A: Well, to build a pipeline* of qualified candidates.

Fact. Posting a job only slows down the process while frustrating thousands of people. Not to mention is giving your hurting your brand.

Part 2 comes out next week. Thanks

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