Part II: The Secret – Why Recruiting Teams are Trapped

Why Recruiting Teams Fail - The Secret


Can I tell you a secret? Before I tell you, I need to warn you. Once I share this secret, you are not going to believe me. Let me ask you a couple of questions first, who is your customer? Is it your hiring managers or is it your candidates? ________ I thought you would say that. You've told yourself that answer so many times; you believe it to be true!  Now, let me reveal the secret. You only have one customer! I bet you want to know which one it is, don't you? Here is where it gets tricky. You will need to choose. But you can only have one customer, and the other will suffer. So pick, candidates or hiring managers.

"The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither."


Did you choose "Hiring Manager" as your customer?

If candidates are a "dime a dozen", then this might be the correct choice. Some hiring managers have so much political power in an organization that recruiting leaders will choose "hiring manager" as their customer.  That may be the right choice.  Beware, when choosing an employee of your company as your customer, your reputation and brand will suffer.  So keep a close eye on your candidate flow.  You might have to switch customers if the labor market changes.  And it usually does.

Did you choose "Candidates" as you your customer?

Candidates drive the market in many industries. If this is the case, then this is the correct choice. Keep in mind that recruiting and hiring managers should be considered "one team". So, if you and the hiring manager are one team, the only logical answer is to choose "candidates" as your customer.

Now What?

Clarity. You now have a clear picture of who you serve. Review your entire process with this new lens. The next time a recruiter comes to you with an issue, you can confidently point them in the right direction. Take care of our customer first.

Hopefully, this has opened your eyes. You can only serve one customer to be great!

One last thought.  What if recruiters reported to hiring managers?

What do you think?