“Sourcing” Needs a New Name!

Sourcing Needs a New Name by RecruiterLarry

Sourcing is Born from the days when HR reported to the procurement/purchasing department. Have you every wondered where the word Requisition came from? I think the term "Sourcing" no longer represents what it has become today.

Now I know that Sourcers do different things at different companies. Some places have the Sourcer doing glorified "Jr. Recruiter" tasks, and others places you need to be a Sr. Recruiter before you can graduate to a become a Sourcer.Where did the word sourcing come from?

FYI, we didn't always call what we do sourcing.  We used to be more specific. Titles like "Researcher", "Name Generation", "Lead Generator", "Short listing", and last but not least "Recruiting".  That's right, recruiters used to be experts at recruiting people.  But has the talent acquisition team and followed the industrial revolution model, aka the Center of Excellence model.  Most of the recruiting process has been broken up into specialized groups.

  • Sourcers identify and engage potential talent
  • Recruiters act as account managers for hiring teams and keep the process flowing.
  • Coordinators assist with scheduling interviews and travel (sometimes offer letters)
  • Closers - Yes, some places have a separate person make the offer and "close" the deal.  Most notably Amazon (the last I checked).

Maybe we should start calling people who source,"recruiters".  And we can start calling recruiting...um, well I guess we could call recruiters "Talent Advisors" or something that reflects what they really do.

Keep in mind that I am talking about in-house recruiters and not agency recruiters.  Heck, while we are changing names, let's come up with a different name for agency recruiters.  No, let's not bring back "HeadHunter".

Ideas anyone?