The New LinkedIn Profile: It’s about time :)

I was starting to feel left out and low and behold LinkedIn sent me an email today letting me know I will be getting the LinkedIn Profile! Better late than never.

  1. turnermagic
    Got a message that my LinkedIn profile will be updated to the new look sometime today. Have you already been upgraded? Do you like it?
  2. Julow
    Christmas came early! #LinkedIn sent me an email saying I'm getting the new profile design today. #SocialMedia #Nerd
  3. andrewball01
    New LinkedIn profile - I like it. Cleaner lines and definitely less clutter.
  4. cipher_recruit
    apparently my LinkedIn profile is being upgraded to the new profile today! Hasn't happened yet though...
  5. CedricRoyer
    in my mailbox: Dear cedricroyer On December 11, 2012, you'll be getting the new #LinkedIn profile #letter #dieingtotryout #woot
  6. Link Humans
    New LinkedIn profiles (for us and many others), Twitter adding filters and an Instagram update - today is a fantastic day for social media!
  7. stefankoritar
    @LinkedIn "Hi Stefan, On December 11, 2012, you'll be getting the new LinkedIn profile" Thanks! I've been waiting for this.
  8. MaureenMcHale
    Email from LinkedIn...don't I feel special: On December 11, 2012, you'll be getting the new LinkedIn profile,...
  9. kimberlymochi
    We hope you like your new LinkedIn profile! Thanks, The LinkedIn Team
  10. 24k
    #LinkedIn news, my profile will be receiving a preview of a new design, which is also triggering the removal of the WordPress #app.
  11. Porter Gale : Author

    Interesting move by LinkedIn - all the recruiters I chatted with about my book were VERY big on LinkedIn. it's a must for job

  12. ivyclark
    Thanks @LinkedIn, for your heads-up regarding the new Profile design 🙂 #goodcustomerservice #professional #ux