Top 4 Articles – Inbound Recruiting 2017

Inbound Recruiting Resources.  I have researched and curated the top articles to save you some time. It's no coincidence that HubSpot is number one on our list.  HubSpot CEO coined the phrase "Inbound Marketing" and is by far the leader in the space.

Beware of recruiting vendors who claim that their ATS or add-0n  solution uses "inbound marketing" or "Inbound Recruiting".    Inbound is methodology, not a technology.  Much like "DevOps" and "Agile", Inbound Marketing is not technology, but a way of doing things.

Don't get me wrong, you will technology to help you implement, test, and optimize your inbound marketing plan, but there is no need to pay extra for the talent acquisition add-ons.  Marketing is way ahead of the recruiting industry and the time-tested tools of the trade are much more affordable and adaptable for what you need.


1. What Is Inbound Recruiting? What are the chances a top saleswoman or engineer applies for a job on their first visit to your site? Pretty low. Think like a marketer to nurture relationships and stay in touch over time.

To understand how inbound recruiting impacts your company’s bottom line, you need the full, integrated picture of where your candidates are coming from. Dig into your recruiting analytics often. Via

2. What Is Inbound Recruiting and Why Is It Important? outbound recruiting includes sending LinkedIn messages and using headhunters to reach out to candidates directly, the inbound approach is a much more passive recruitment strategy. Companies that use an inbound approach to recruiting post relevant and helpful blogs, maintain strong social media presences, use SEO incredibly effectively, and create impressive ebooks, white papers, and other gated assets that allow them to collect contact information from prospective candidates. Via

3.  10 Tactics for Inbound Recruitment with HubSpot at InfoTrust, we are big proponents of HubSpot and use the tool for our inbound marketing. Recently, we began using HubSpot for recruitment purposes. In this blog post, I will share 10 inbound recruitment tactics and how HubSpot can help you with the execution.

To summarize, recruitment is not easy, it takes time and effort to market your company and get quality applicants to apply. You also have to make sure that you are generating the best ROI for the dollars that you spend across your recruitment channels. Inbound recruitment can help you generate great results, and HubSpot is one of the best inbound marketing platforms. » 10 Tactics for Inbound Recruitment with HubSpot

4. Inbound Recruitment: The Complete Guide marketing begins with defining an ideal customer persona.

Traditional marketing relies on ‘interrupting’ your flow of activity to grab your attention. Think website pop-ups and banner ads.

Put simply, these tactics don’t work too well anymore. Consumers have a serious case of ‘banner blindness‘ – they’re blind to the website advertising banners that companies spend tens of thousands on every year. They’re so used to seeing them in the background that they’ve grown immune! Inbound Recruitment: The Complete Guide


*Caution when researching the topic of "Inbound Recruiting",  I have found several blog posts and articles that refer to "Inbound Recruiting" and posting and waiting.  Obviously, this not what I mean when discussing Inbound.  Your best bet to stick with keywords:  "Inbound Marketing",  "Content Driven Marketing, "Permission Marketing", and "Inbound sales".

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Here is a great video from some of the Inbound Marketing training I took for my certification.