What is sourcing and how is it different from recruiting?

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What is sourcing?

Good question.  Sourcing is an all-encompassing term that describes any of the work that goes on in a recruitment process that can be classified as “hunting, finding, searching, researching, and identification” of potential candidates.

Ok, I should have just said that Sourcing is recruiting.  Or at least most people think a recruiter does.

Where does the term “Sourcing” originate?

For years I assumed that the term sourcing was an artifact from the days before Human Resources separated from the procurement department.

But I’ve since found the term “sourcing” used in the same vein as a journalist and his or her “sourcers,” like “Deep Throat” in the Water Gate scandal. Pretty cool right.

Sourcing is now a specialization within the Recruitment Job Family.

Sourcing is to recruiting as Lead Generation is to sales and marketing. As organizations ebb and flow between centralization and specialization, sourcing now has its conferences, certifications, user groups, and specialized software tools and best practices.

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