What kind of Work Can RecruiterDNA Offer Me?

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What kind of Work Can RecruiterDNA Offer Me?

RecruiterDNA partners with medium and large companies (we can these companies our customers),  who rely on RecruiterDNA to find, interview, and match technology professionals like your self with appropriate technical experience, industry knowledge, pace and work style of their team, and their company culture.

Do clients work for RecruiterDNA directly or for RecruiterDNA’s company customers?

Good question.  The majority of our opportunities are what is called “Direct Hire” and used to be called “Permanent Placement.”

What does it mean when a Recruiter says the job is a “Direct Hire” job?

Direct Hire means that if you (client), if selected and agree to the job offer, would become a full-time employee of the company (RecruiterDNA Customer).

What does Contract or Contract to Hire Mean?

Contract and Contract-to-Hire – Sometimes we do work with customers who only need hourly project work done. For example, a customer may contact RecruiterDNA and ask us to help them supplement their current team with an engineer that has experience with technology or skill that their current team doesn’t’ have.

Some companies like having new potential employees work as a w2 contractor for 30 – 90 days to make sure you can do the work and fit in with the team and pace of work.

In either scenario, you never pay RecruiterDNA.  The company doing the hiring pays our recruiting services.

What are the pros and cons of Contract to hire work?

Great question.  Contracting or “temping” has the following benefits:

  • Get paid for every hour your work. In some states you get time and half for any hours worked over 40 in a given work week. Hurray for overtime.

Cons or potential downside to contract to hire or Temp to hire work arrangements.

  • Lack of stability and longevity.  Unless otherwise stated on your contract, a company can ask your recruiting or staffing firm to end your work contract at any time.  This may sound harsh, but keep in mind that if work in an “at-will state”, you can be let go at any time.
  • In some companies, contractors and temps are treated like second-class citizens.  This is usually an overreaction to legislation. Below is a list of experiences I have personally had as a contractor at a very large and prestigious company.
    • May be asked to leave office meeting while certain information is shared (awkward).
    • Not able to celebrate or partake in employee celebrations (Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
    • You may not get the latest computer or office equipment.

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