Working with a RecruiterDNA Technical Recruiter

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F.A.Q – Working with a RecruiterDNA Recruiter.

What can I expect from RecruiterDNA as a potential client?

I’m glad you asked. Our goal is to help our clients get hired by an organization and team that fulfills your needs and wants. This goal may sound like a sales pitch to some and others it may be just the relationship you are looking for in a recruiter.

How Do you plan on “fulfilling” my career needs?

The first step in our process is to understand and possibly help you define what your wants and needs are when it comes to your career.

You can expect to have a conversation with one of our recruiting consultants that covers the following topics:

Before we ask you to invest much time talking to us, we try our best to find out if some necessary information that may dramatically decrease the chances of a successful outcome for you. Here are the basics details we need to know before we invite you to the talk.

Q: Does RecruiterDNA now or in future need any immigration sponsorship from your employer?

In other words, are you a U.S citizen or do you have a green card? I hope someday this not such a complicated matter, but for now, most of the companies we partner with for recruiting and hiring, ask us not to present anyone who doesn’t have a green card or is a current U.S citizen. We do have some searches (fancy word for recruiting projects), that allow us to work with anyone in the United States and we do have customers in the U.K, Canada, and Mexico.

Q: Does RecruiterDNA have Remote work arrangements?

Believe me when I tell you that I can’t wait for companies to wake up and realize how many people would work for their company if they just let people work remotely. The majority of our job openings require you to work most of the time on site. You can search for all of our remote job openings by including #remote in our job search.

Q: What can I expect during my first phone conversation with a RecruiterDNA Recruiter?

Resume Walkthrough – This is a brief overview of your technical experience, roles, and responsibilities, technology stack you are most proficient with, and any industry-specific expertise you have acquired during your career.
In other words, we would for you to walk us through your resume.
What are your job search requirements?

Target Location – What metro areas are you willing to relocate to if we can find you a great match.

Q: What are Your Job Search Specifics? If you have a specific job title in mind, industry preference, type of work.

Once we have the following information, will help your professional tech recruiting consultant build a relevant and valuable career search plan.