HARPA Masterclass- Workshop for busy professionals

One AI Tool I can't work without. And it's Free!

HARPA Masterclass - Workshop for busy professionals

If I could only have one tool, it would be Harpa.ai. This free Chrome extension has changed the way I work. No hype; if I need to get something done, this is my go-to tool.

It seems like every day, a new “AI Productivity” tool or software comes out, I know because I’ve tried over 100 of them. Let me save you time and money so you can start working on one tool for all of your tasks.

Reasons I love Harpa and you will, too.

  1. It’s Free - After six months, I have chosen to upgrade.

  2. Harpa is available where and when I need it.



    Google Docs

    Searching Google


    News and articles

    PDF links

    If you are viewing it from a web browser, you can use Harpa (some sites may have blocked AI Tools)

  3. I can connect and switch to different Gen AI models with a quick command.

  4. I saved all of my prompts as custom commands.

  5. Harpa has an excellent library of built-in prompts and commands that have replaced the other Gen AI tools I used.

  6. Harpa has a custom feature that lets it learn your style of writing !!!

Cons: It has a bit of a learning curve if you want to get the most out of it and can be a little overwhelming at first.

Harpa comes with a lot of build prompts that will accomplish most tasks. But, if you really want to customize it, or use it for complex tasks, you will need to invest some time and effort to use it confidently for consistent results.

60 Minute Live Workshop

What is covered in this live workshop?

I assume you have never heard of or used Harpa before so that I will start from scratch.

  • How Instal Harpai.ai Chrome Extension

  • Walk through all of the most common settings and menus.

  • Showcase the top built-in prompts for (LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, Social posts, and Image creation)

  • Create and save a custom prompt in Harpa.

  • How to use the “mimic my style” feature. Once you get Harpa trained on your style, you can reply to emails, make social comments, turn YouTube videos into blog posts, and more, all in your own writing style.

To get the most out of this workshop, you should be comfortable using chat gpt for basic tasks. It’s not a must, but you might get overwhelmed at first.

Workshop Prerequisites:

A web browser that uses Chrome extensions.

A Chat gpt account (if you have a paid account, I will walk you through how to connect your account with Harpa using API Keys).

Who is this Workshop for?

Anyone who wants to supercharge productivity and efficiency.

From HR Professionals, Realtors, and Administrative assistants, if you work from your computer for at least a few hours a day, this will completely change how you work.

About 60 minutes (we may run long if you have questions)

Price: 25.00

I could easily charge $120 for this workshop, I the price may go up. But I want to get this information in as many hands as possible, so I’ve made the price super affordable.

*I am in no way affiliated with Hapra and do not get any compensation or rewards from Harpa in any way.

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