Who? The A Method for Hiring: Finding the Right People for Your Organization

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Book Summary: Who? A Method for Hiring; Finding the Right People for Your Organization

RecruiteDNA Book Summary:

Who? The A Method for Hiring, written by Geoff Smart and Randy Street, is a practical guidebook that provides a comprehensive and effective approach to hiring top talent. In this book, the authors present a step-by-step method to help recruiters and hiring managers consistently make the right hiring decisions. Through their proven A Method, Smart and Street aim to assist organizations in assembling high-performing teams and driving long-term success.

The authors emphasize the importance of hiring the right people, as it directly impacts an organization's culture, productivity, and overall performance. They argue that traditional hiring methods often fall short, resulting in costly hiring mistakes and missed opportunities. Smart and Street introduce the A Method to address these challenges, a four-step process designed to identify and attract the best candidates for any position.