Will 2016 Be the Year Recruiters Get with Social Media?



Who's to blame? Maybe we should blame those "Big Box" staffing firms that have become the feeder system to so many in-house recruiting departments. Or maybe it's HR's fault for creating complicated "Social Media Policies".  I'm kidding of course, but why do so many recruiters I meet seem to be stuck in 90's when it comes to technology and social media?  Whatever the reason, as an industry, it's time we get with it!


Will 2016 be the year that the big brands require new talent acquisition professionals, like recruiters and sources, to have a solid foundation in email marketing & social media?  I think so!

Recruiting Leaders will soon realize that by hiring talented recruiters who come with a social media following, they can drastically improve candidate experience, have readily built pipelines of talent, and can stop spending so much on new recruiting tools.

All that being said, there are few (and I mean a few) talent acquisition professional that get it.

If Recruiting Managers and Leadership keep doing things like 1999, the talent brand and team will suffer.  So, let's all help one another get social in 2016. {end of rant}

FYI - I going to dedicate time, money, and resources to make sure any recruiter (or anyone for that matter) who really wants to learn how social can help them and their career has an affordable option.  We have to stop putting the responsibility of training and development on our employers.

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