Your recruiting team needs a boost, but what are your options?

Buy the latest sourcing tool? Who doesn't like shiny new sourcing tools? Some recruiters use the recruiting tools, and some don't.

Engaging a Contract Recruiter can be an excellent option to give your team more bandwidth in theory. But finding the right contractor takes time, not to mention setting them up with access and onboarding. Realistically, it will take 30 to 45 days before you will see a boost in production.

Get help from a Recruiting Agency? You could utilize third party staffing vendors to take some of the pressure off your team and get some qualified candidates over to the hiring manager. Depending on which recruiter works on your positions, they are usually a little hit or miss. And of course, the business leaders tend to pit "the agency" candidates versus candidates submitted by your team. It would be great to have your team solve the problem, right?

Problem Solved. The Best of Both Worlds.

Sourcing As A Service is Finally Here!

Get a dedicated expert talent sourcer working on your positions in 48 hours!

No Ramp up or onboarding!

No One-on-Ones or LinkedIn Recruiter Seats!

You get qualified candidates served up to the appropriate recruiter in 48 hours or your money back! Pretty cool, right?